Gear changing trouble? Check this.

For a couple of weeks my gear changing on the rear derailleur has been inconsistent and unpredictable and very frustrating! Sometimes no change at all after actuation of the handlebar lever, sometime a jump of two, and occasionally jumping off between two rings. This is often accompanied by grinding and clicks, clangs. Upsetting because I was always impressed how silky smooth the changes had been on this bike which I’ve had for over 10 years. Tik, tik, tik up. Tik tik tik down. Beautiful!
It can be dangerous if the gear shift is not a decisive action. If pedal force is applied and the chain is not properly engaged, the unexpected violent jerk can cause a serious crash.

After checking all the obvious, removing kinks and relubing the gear change cable, repeated adjustment of the actual derailleur, even dismantling the handlebar actuator (don’t do this!), I was at at loss. What to do?
To fill in time I decided to remove the rear wheel and clean up the rear cluster. After applying degreaser I started to brush it clean and immediately noticed it was quite loose! It only took a moment to tighten up the retaining ring and after a test ride, voila! It was back to its silky smooth operation once more. (Cleaning often discloses real and potential problems!)

That's about 40Nm

I think that’s about 40Nm!

The retaining ring said to tighten to 40Nm. If I had done this when I fitted the cassette, I would not have had the above hassle. Nm is short for newton metres. To get a feeling for how tight this is; a newton is near enough to 100 grams. So 40 Nm is the turning force of 4kg at the end of a metre long spanner.
Or for a longish spanner of around 330mm, 12kg or so is needed.

Replacing bottom bracket cartridge

This is my third bottom bracket cartridge replacement. One under guarantee, one I paid for ($70) I thought I had better give it a go myself. This cost $15 including postage.

Helmets and Manly

Over the last few weeks there has been quite a few letters published in the Manly Daily advocating the non-wearing of helmets around Manly.
The arguments for the non-wearing of helmets seem very strained, one of them being, that if we wear a helmet we would ride on the roads and that would upset the motorists!
Of course, an exception for Manly will not happen, it is a state law applied over the entire country, nothing to do with the local council by-laws.
In fact, this constant advocacy may well prompt someone to ask the police to actually enforce the law as they are bound to do.

At long last a sensible letter appeared today. Nice legs bike!

Mosman council propose helmets with license plates

Click on title above for more.

Bondi Junction proposed cycleway

From the Wentworth Courier distributed in the Waverly area; the news of a proposed cycleway in Bondi Junction.

Also in the news:
“Not quite open yet, but how could we write this post without mentioning it. The Oxford Street cycleway (officially opening shortly) follows the very busy Oxford Street from Woollahra Gates to Paddington Gates along the northern edge of Centennial Park.”

The beauty of this cycleway is that it provides a key link in the cycle network connecting Bondi Junction and other Eastern Suburbs areas with the Inner City. We have also designed the project to provide a separated, bi-directional pedestrian pathway running alongside the cycleway to improve safety and reduce the conflicts between pedestrian and cyclists. Learn more about this project.

U turn nearly wipes out cyclist

Many car drivers seem not to see cyclists. I was nearly wiped recently out when turning right on a green arrow. I’m still a bit shaken. The truck came straight through the red light (for him) right at me and I abortedv my right hand turn just in time. Maybe some drivers genuinely do not see what they do not expect to see, or they are careless, but some just treat bikes as vermin.
Not surprising when a shock-jock says publicly cyclists are “cockroaches”.
Regard all cars with suspicion!
Use the footpaths in danger spots. A fine is cheaper than a funeral!
(Manly Daily 30 July)


Bikes clogging up roads – again!

Motorist often complain that ‘bikes clogging up the roads’, I always reply, what about cars?

Manly foreshore path

The path adjacent to the road on the Manly foreshore was not long ago for bikes and skaters only. It has now reverted to shared pedestrian use.
There a couple of letters to the Manly Daily about this wanting reversion back to no pedestrian use.
From memory, most pedestrians did not take any notice of the previous rule, walking down the middle of it either singly or in groups with gay abandon anyway. Good thing bike riders stick to the rules!



Which of these three cyclist is more likly to be not seen?

Which of these three cyclist is more likely to be not seen?

Do your brakes make an alarming grinding noise?

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