Sydneysiders join tweed ride – 400 of ’em

I get the sense that we are making headroads into establishing cycling as a recognised form of transport. Perhaps one day soon we will not feel so special anymore.

Bike shop interview, more commuter and urban users

On “Inside Business” on the ABC this morning this interview was broadcast with a bike shop owner in Melbourne. He talks about the increasing use of bikes by urban, commuter and touring users as a form of transport as distinct from recreational users. You can view the video right here. Sheer luxury! *Video: urban cycling

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Anti-cyclist rant in Manly Daily today 30 July 2011

Whenever journalists run out of topics, they can always turn to cyclist bashing. Wendy Kay is listening to too much Alan Jones. It’s a shame these ‘journalists’ think it’s a good thing to be divisive, I suppose it’s just all to difficult for them to try and aleviate the problem, so much easier to inflame

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Ride to North Head and beyond 28 July 2011

Photos from North Head and Forty Baskets Beach. From the Dictionary of Sydney:

Named after a catch of 40 baskets of fish sent to a contingent of New South Wales troops detained at the North Head Quarantine Station after returning from Sudan in 1885.

(Click on image for large format)

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Those pesky helmet laws

The enforcement of helmet laws are the topic of this letter to the MD. What would happen if you peed into your helmet on the Corso?

Cadel’s win

Thanks to Vicki for the lead to this post from the Sydney Morning Herald, July 26. Gil

Gil in training for his attacks on rose gardens.



Norman Monshall writes in the Manly Daily

Norman Monshall used to be on the Manly Council cycling committee. I don’t know if he still is or if the committee still exists! Below is a letter to the MD.

Manly Daily Wednesday 27 July 2011

Southern Explorers

Salt Pan creek Crossing 2011-07-27

Six intrepid explorers (Steve D, Brian, Louisa, Colin, Steve W and Gil) braved the hazards of Anzac Bridge, Hawthorne Canal, Cooks River and the variegating vagaries of the M5 shared cycle path. Successfuly navigating the boardwalk of the mangrove jungle we also tackled the bridge over the Creek, Salt

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Spit overpass

Here is a letter published in the Manly Daily today (23 July 2011) by our very own Michael McGrath.  The RTA are going to build a pedestrian footbridge at the cost of millions just to eliminate the pedestrian phase of the traffic lights that now exist at the base of Parriwi Road.  You can see

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