Spit overpass

Here is a letter published in the Manly Daily today (23 July 2011) by our very own Michael McGrath.  The RTA are going to build a pedestrian footbridge at the cost of millions just to eliminate the pedestrian phase of the traffic lights that now exist at the base of Parriwi Road.  You can see the full plan and lot more about how this is going to effect cyclists here.

Spit footbridge is pure folly

CAN the RTA and the NSW
Treasurer, the Hon Mike
Baird, please explain why
hundreds of thousands of
dollars of taxpayers’ money is
being wasted on a footbridge
at the Spit?

This expensive folly will
benefit a handful of patrons
of the Spit restaurants and
yacht clubs, but will have no
effect whatsoever on the
gridlock along the Spit/
Military Road corridor.

Once built the public will
face ongoing costs for
maintenance, electricity for
the lifts and remediation of
the inevitable vandalism and
graffiti. Will the yacht clubs
and restaurants contribute?

Michael McGrath
Manly Vale

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