Anti-cyclist rant in Manly Daily today 30 July 2011

Whenever journalists run out of topics, they can always turn to cyclist bashing. Wendy Kay is listening to too much Alan Jones. It’s a shame these ‘journalists’ think it’s a good thing to be divisive, I suppose it’s just all to difficult for them to try and aleviate the problem, so much easier to inflame it as does not require any thought. She yet again emphasises the ‘them’ and ‘us’ (car drivers), as if cyclists are some sort of separate species. Read it as she trots out all the boring yobo diatribes yet again. Yet this is a new one to me:

And why do cyclists all seem to have lean pointy faces? is it due to their lack of body fat? Do pointy heads, like red cars, go faster?

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  • Geoff E

    I think it was this woman that invited us to be interviewed when we first started ManMosBUG.

    John, Chou and I (and I think one other) turned up on Balmoral Beach at the appointed time and subjected ourselves to a mere 10 minute interview with her photographer.

    The printed result was extremely mediocre, as I remember, and did not really serve our purpose at all. Among other things the contact information was very patchy.

    Perhaps now that we have the means to “Return Fire” on this sort of thing we might think about doing that.

    How do you all feel about such a notion?

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