Manly Daily letter

The following appeared in the Manly Daily 21 July 2011. It is by Anthony Petrolo. See his youtube video promoting cycling as a Greens candidate. Gil

The Melbourne Bike Share program is another great idea. however, its success has been limited, partially due to mandatory helmet laws in Australia, (unlike most other nations throughout the world

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Removal of the drop-out tabs

From Wikipedia:

Lawyer lips or lawyer tabs (a type of positive retention device) are tabs fitted to the fork ends on the front fork of bicycle to prevent a wheel from leaving the fork if the quick release skewer comes undone. They were introduced in response to lawsuits in cases where incorrectly adjusted quick release wheels

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Tuesday’s ride 19 July 2011

Westward Ho!

The Bureau promised heavy rain for the afternoon, thankfully for the ride to West Head it was a perfectly clear sunny day and the views, as nearly always, were fantastic. Seven of us had a great ride to West Head and then to Akuna Bay. Some cycled back to their cars while

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Gil’s first post

This is a post just to check things out.   I could have posted something like a report on the ride from Wyong to  Brooklyn for example. You can do the same. Please do! If you need help email me

Hello ManMosmians!

Welcome to our very own website.  We will need you to contribute to make it a success!

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