Over 55? Have I got a ride for you!


I was amused to see this ride recently – maybe not one for us?!


Two/Three/Four Gorges Ride 11 August

Colin at lunch – Two/Three/Four Gorges Ride 11 August

Today’s ride Tuesday 9 August

Four brave souls found some interesting ways around Castlecrag, Middle Cove and the Lane Cove river. The views shown below, taken after our short tour of Castlecrag, are from Middle Cove are across Sugarloaf Bay and show Dalwood Homes and Seaforth oval on the skyline. Neither of which you can see in the photos! We

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New bridge over Hawthorn Canal

We cycle in this area where the Lillyfield road joins up with the Hawthorn Canal. Might save doing that tight 360° with the ever-present possibility of ending up in the water!

From www.greenway.org.au

The new pedestrian and cycleway bridge has been installed over Hawthorne Canal by Leichhardt Council. The prefabricated structure was lifted into place

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Cycling now on front page of MD!

This from today’s (6 August) Manly Daily, featuring our own Michael McGrath and well-known cycling activist Norman Monshall.

(Continuation on P5 of the Daily

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More on the Spit overpass

More on this proposal in the Manly Daily today 5 Aug. This proposed overpass at the Spit has many cyclists worried as it has only lifts and steps at each end. This arrangement is a barrier to cyclist using the facility and they are concerned that alternatives have not been considered. This corridor is a

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Rebuff to the Manly Daily opinion piece

This letter to the Manly Daily (2 Aug. 2011) rebuffs that ill-considered opinion piece that appeared last Saturday. A good tempered response. Good one Peter! Motorists break the letter of the law all the time! There would be thousands of breaches every hour. Yet nobody gets stuck into them, why? – because we are all

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Basin loop 2 August 2011

The ride yesterday (Tuesday August 2) took us (the lucky six – Louisa, Robyn, Colin, Brian, Frank and Gil) along the West Head Road in the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park where we turned off to the Basin on the Basin Trail. This a a dirt 2.75 km 4WD track negotiable by hybrid bikes. Although not,

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Cycling as a mode of transport

Talking about using a bicycle as a mode of transport, this was bought home to me very positively while cycling in Holland recently. Below is a video of the rush hour in Utrecht. Utrecht has a population of only just over 300,000 yet look at the road and public transport infrastructure obvious in this vid.!

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tweed ride

lone manmos rider at tweed ride

lone manmos rider at tweed ride