From the Manly Daily today (18 Oct.)

A Scott Jeffery from Mona vale is cycling from London to Sydney. You can follow his journey here He has a blog on this site.

For the cyclist who has everthing!

Saw this bike indicator system at Jaycar. Consists of a belt with LEDs that flash for around the waist and a controller for the handlebar. Even has hazards!

New bridge over Deep Creek

From the Manly daily today 18 October. We saw it first! I like Tony’s picture better!

Don’t leave your bike at Manly unlocked, even for a few minutes

From the Manly Daily 14 Oct.

Ride On eMagazine — bike lock test

How best to get to work?

Car vs bike: wife vs husband “She is a driver who thinks lycra-clad cyclists are hilarious; he is a rider who likes to get ahead at lights. They are in a race from Brighton to the city.”

Extract from rider stopped at lights:

(puff) I’m just going to get ahead of the traffic (puff) on

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Why you should not ride to work!

A video in the SMH website on why you should ride to work. very funny!

Ride to work? Bah humbug

Welcome to new member — Peter Ellis

Peter is now on our our Google email list. Peter was introduced by Steve Daniels and to quote Steve

…that makes two of us from the “other side”” he lives at blakehurst ,& has not long taken up cycling.

A big welcome Peter from all in our merry group!

Ride On eMagazine — bike lock test

Just stumbled across this Australian eMagazine. The latest post is a test of bike locks. Well worth the read. I notice ‘D’ locks are ‘the go’ in London and this article also confirms that they are the most secure. Most bikes there seem use a ‘D’ lock for the frame and one wheel and a

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Photos for today’s ride (Thurs. 6 Oct)

Ken has kindly posted today’s ride photos on our photo gallery. Click here to view them. They’re great!


Ken’s comments:

(Ride summary): Ride started at Seaforth Oval, travelled north to Cromer and then climbed Collaroy for ocean views. Coffee at Narrabeen, then through wetlands to Bayview and Mona Vale beach. Lunch at Sunrise

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Social rides for women

In the Manly Daily today (6 October 2011) this article publicises mountain bike rides for women. Cynically, you could be mistaken for thinking it is just advertising, even though it is published under ‘News’. Good luck to them, but you need to be pretty game to do this, just who would turn up?


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