Shelly Beach shared path

From the Manly Daily today 21 Feb. Looks like poor Bob has been startled by a bike rider, or was it a jogger? No matter, Bob’s well thought-out solution; ban them both!

Love the photo, very overcrowded! Nary a pedestrian is sight, just one of those pesky joggers. Sorry Bob, you lose. Note: Bikes

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To Salt Pan Creek.

Again Ken has taken a batch of fine photos of our ramble to Riverwood yesterday. I’ve selected a few here. (Click on image to enlarge and on edge for next.) You can view the lot here. On our way we used the new bridge over the Hawthorne Canal soon after morning tea. It is surprisingly

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A few photos from the Waterfall to Bundeena ride yesterday

Just some reminders of the ride through the Royal National Park. (Click on image to enlarge.)

Frank taking a photo of — himself! The Waterfall Wheelers Maianbar Monster Monitor

Peter, Frank, Colin, Bryan and Gil all reckon it was a fun ride!