Turramurra to Lindfield and beyond with twist

What a ride! Two National Parks, University, a bush track crossing the Lane Cove River complete with a train trip in the middle. This is the tour de force of north Sydney cycling, its what its all about and in only 37km of cycling. You can’t do better than that!

We start with an exhilarating

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The bells, the bells

From the Manly Daily today all about bells. I like the way pedestrians claim they are ‘our’ paths, and they ‘regularly encounter’ cyclists at ‘high speeds’ and the paths are ‘purpose-built’ (whatever that means).

The other contributor does just not like cyclists. They ‘sneakily slide up behind’ unsuspecting pedestrians, ‘crash’ into them causing hip replacement

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Looping Lake Illawarra

Last Tuesday an intrepid crew trialled a cicumference of lake Illawarra. Catching the train at Central a few minutes before 8am we arrived at Unanderra just before 10. We then cycled 16km or so to Albion Park down the Princess Highway, bicycles not being allowed on the adjacent freeway. The highway ride was, in the

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This is from today’s Manly Daily. The only trouble I’ve had cycling on footpaths is from old guys with moustaches on those disability scooters. Just live and let live I say!

Keep away from car doors video

I’ve had a couple of close shaves lately with car doors opening unexpectedly. This short video is a rude reminder of the dangers that lurk on our streets.

Intrepid group returns from odyssey


A group including three ManMos members have recently returned from a tour in South Australia culminating in a visit to the the Flinders Ranges National Park. This report is provided by Frank Legwidge.

John Stapleton, Bob Chambers, Peter Wall and I went on a two-week cycling tour in South Australia. Taking our bikes

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Bike path planning process



In today’s Manly Daily was this contrubution regarding a proposed bike path in Cromer.  I hope this ‘ad hoc’ approach  is not indicative of the planning processes in the Warringah.


Manly-Warringah Cycling Club in Manly Daily

I did not know of the existence of such a club but a visit to their website (http://www.manlywarringahcc.org.au/) seems to imply a serious competitive club with paceline events, West head road races and so on. Not your everyday ManMosBug!

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