Intrepid group returns from odyssey


A group including three ManMos members have recently returned from a tour in South Australia culminating in a visit to the the Flinders Ranges National Park. This report is provided by Frank Legwidge.

John Stapleton, Bob Chambers, Peter Wall and I went on a two-week cycling tour in South Australia. Taking our bikes and panniers with us we travelled overnight on the Indian Pacific Railway from Sydney to Peterborough which is north of Adelaide.
From there we cycled to Orroroo, then to Wilmington then to Port Augusta. We then took the Pitchi Ritchi Railway, a rail preservation business operated by volunteers which runs an old steam train between Port Augusta and Quorn. This sector is part of the old Ghan railway which used to run from Port Augusta to Alice Springs. From Quorn we cycled to Hawker and then to Wilpena in the Flinders Ranges National Park.
Wilpena Pound, a huge natural amphitheatre is one of the natural wonders of Australia. We hiked to lookouts overlooking the Pound, went on a 4WD guided tour of the Flinders Ranges National Park and took a scenic flight over the National Park.
Leaving Wilpena we cycled to Hawker, then to Cradock (population 7), then to Orroroo and finally to Peterborough.
On the last cycling day I used my iPhone to film the other three as we pedalled across the flat plains of South Australia. From Peterborough we travelled overnight on the Indian Pacific via Broken Hill back to Sydney.
We stayed at country pubs except for a couple of nights at the Wilpena Pound Resort. We enjoyed fine weather every day, cycled on sealed roads all the way and only had one puncture. It was a great tour!


2 comments to Intrepid group returns from odyssey

  • BobC

    The Puncture was mine. Very slow and I was able to pump it up and ride the last 20 km into Wilpena Pound.

    Frank has described ride “in a nutshell” well done.

  • Two week cycling tours in south Australia seems amazing. Nice video and snap shared by you. I agree with you that it was great tour.

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