Looping Lake Illawarra

Last Tuesday an intrepid crew trialled a cicumference of lake Illawarra. Catching the train at Central a few minutes before 8am we arrived at Unanderra just before 10. We then cycled 16km or so to Albion Park down the Princess Highway, bicycles not being allowed on the adjacent freeway. The highway ride was, in the main, quite safe except for a few squeeze spots through towns where curbside parking is allowed.
From Albion Park we quickly gained the shoreline at the start of the shared path around the lake and rode around anti-clockwise, the surface and width of the path was quite adequate and the pedestrian use very low.

From Windang bridge

The views from the southern shore are quite spectacular, with the wide expanse of the lake being made available from the slightly elevated path and in the background towered the rocky escarpment that reaches back to Macquarie Pass, Robertson and eventually to Moss Vale.

The northern shoreline is reminiscent of the bike path on the north side of Lake Macquarie, being just a metre or so from the water and and exposed to any breezes from the south.

The total distance is a tad over 40km, and the time taken is just over two hours, the ride being basically flat with only some minor climbs away from the actual shoreline. To this time must be added any stoppages. Even so, there was tons of slack time to have a leisurely lunch and catch the return train at 1:15 from Unandarra.

For a more extensive map, cue sheet and elevation profile on Bikely click here.

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