Gear changing trouble? Check this.

For a couple of weeks my gear changing on the rear derailleur has been inconsistent and unpredictable and very frustrating! Sometimes no change at all after actuation of the handlebar lever, sometime a jump of two, and occasionally jumping off between two rings. This is often accompanied by grinding and clicks, clangs. Upsetting because I

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Replacing bottom bracket cartridge

This is my third bottom bracket cartridge replacement. One under guarantee, one I paid for ($70) I thought I had better give it a go myself. This cost $15 including postage. Gil

Helmets and Manly

Over the last few weeks there has been quite a few letters published in the Manly Daily advocating the non-wearing of helmets around Manly. The arguments for the non-wearing of helmets seem very strained, one of them being, that if we wear a helmet we would ride on the roads and that would upset the

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