Mosman council propose helmets with license plates

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Narabeen track closed

It was tricky to get around the lake. Now it seems almost impossible. (Click on article for full screen view)

Bike path planning process



In today’s Manly Daily was this contrubution regarding a proposed bike path in Cromer.  I hope this ‘ad hoc’ approach  is not indicative of the planning processes in the Warringah.


Manmos Superwomen!

(via Nikki B)

Today (Sunday 25 March) Liz R and Nikki B completed the 100km (well actually it was 110km) inaugural Bobbin Head Cycle Classic. It started at Karuah Oval in Turramurra, went down Bobbin Head, then along the highway to the Calga interchange and return via the same route. It was a charity ride

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Shelly Beach shared path

From the Manly Daily today 21 Feb. Looks like poor Bob has been startled by a bike rider, or was it a jogger? No matter, Bob’s well thought-out solution; ban them both!

Love the photo, very overcrowded! Nary a pedestrian is sight, just one of those pesky joggers. Sorry Bob, you lose. Note: Bikes

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A few photos from the Waterfall to Bundeena ride yesterday

Just some reminders of the ride through the Royal National Park. (Click on image to enlarge.)

Frank taking a photo of — himself! The Waterfall Wheelers Maianbar Monster Monitor

Peter, Frank, Colin, Bryan and Gil all reckon it was a fun ride!

Rebuff to the Manly Daily opinion piece

This letter to the Manly Daily (2 Aug. 2011) rebuffs that ill-considered opinion piece that appeared last Saturday. A good tempered response. Good one Peter! Motorists break the letter of the law all the time! There would be thousands of breaches every hour. Yet nobody gets stuck into them, why? – because we are all

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Anti-cyclist rant in Manly Daily today 30 July 2011

Whenever journalists run out of topics, they can always turn to cyclist bashing. Wendy Kay is listening to too much Alan Jones. It’s a shame these ‘journalists’ think it’s a good thing to be divisive, I suppose it’s just all to difficult for them to try and aleviate the problem, so much easier to inflame

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Those pesky helmet laws

The enforcement of helmet laws are the topic of this letter to the MD. What would happen if you peed into your helmet on the Corso?

Cadel’s win

Thanks to Vicki for the lead to this post from the Sydney Morning Herald, July 26. Gil

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