Cycling Tour in Tasmania

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Last month, four of us flew to Hobart with our bikes for a 12-day tour of Southern Tasmania. Our group comprised Roger Henderson, Bryan Power, Peter Wall and Frank Ledwidge. Peter (yellow jersey) has not yet ridden with ManMos.
Roger, Frank and Peter took their bikes in Ground Effect “Body Bags” and Bryan took his in a bike box. We flew on Virgin Airways which has a 23 kg allowance for sporting equipment which meant we could put our bike helmet and one of our two panniers in with the bike and stay within the baggage limit. We carried our second pannier as cabin baggage.
Roger planned the route and the accommodation. On the first and last nights’ we stayed at the Astor Hotel in downtown Hobart where “Tildy”, the very personable lady manager, was happy for us to leave our bike bags/box in her office while we went off on our Tassie Tour. Roger emailed the route files to Frank who saved them in his Garmin Edge 705 GPS bike computer. At the start of each day’s ride he opened the route file for the day which showed up as a thick blue line over the map on his bike computer. In theory, all we had to do was follow the blue line. In practice we took a few wrong turns and notched up some unplanned kilometres.
Here is a map of our trip and a summary of what we did each day.

Day 2
Followed the Huon Trail down to Grove where we stayed in a smart B&B.

Day 3
Rode to Kettering and stayed in a hotel.

Day 4
We took the Bruny Island Ferry from Kettering to Bruny Island. North and South Bruny Island are joined by an isthmus where there is a wonderful lookout next to a penguin rookery. Here’s a picture of Bryan walking up to the top of the lookout.

At Adventure Bay we went on the Bruny Island Cruise. From our 300HP speedboat we saw the dramatic Jurassic Dolerite sea cliffs, some of the highest in Australia, which date from the time of the break-up of Gondwanaland when Tasmania separated from Antarctica. We also saw the Australian Fur Seal colony on The Friars, a group of offshore islands at the bottom of Tasmania.

Day 5
We rode back to Kettering.
Day 6
From Kettering we rode to Hobart where we had scallop pies at the Salamanca Markets, saw the craft in the Australian Wooden Boat Festival, took a water taxi across the Derwent (to avoid riding across the Tasman Bridge) and stayed the night at a cabin in a tourist park at Hobart Airport.

Day 7
From the airport we cycled down the Tasman Peninsula through Dunalley which earlier in the month had been devastated by bushfires. We continued on through Eaglehawk Neck down to Port Arthur where we again stayed in a cabin.

Day 8
We had a rest day exploring the Port Arthur Historic Site.
Day 9
From Port Arthur we rode back to Eaglehawk Neck and saw some natural points of interest – Tasmans Arch, the Devil’s Kitchen, the Blowhole and the Tessellated Pavement.

Day 10
From Eaglehawk Neck we rode to Richmond which boasts the oldest bridge in Australia and stayed at the picturesque Richmond Arms Hotel.

Day 11
From Richmond we rode to the Derwent, crossed over on the Bowen Bridge and visited the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) and the Cadbury chocolate factory. From there we travelled along the Intercity Cycleway to downtown Hobart and the Astor Hotel.

Day 12
We had a rest day in Hobart, visited the Maritime Museum and explored the waterfront. Peter and Frank took a bus tour to the top of Mt Wellington and visited the Cascade Brewery.

Day 13
We flew back to Sydney.
In all we cycled just under 500km. The weather was kind to us with only two brief showers and we had just one puncture between the 4 of us. It was a great trip.



Roger Henderson Bryan Power Peter Wall Frank Ledwidge

Roger Henderson                                     Bryan Power                                     Peter Wall                                     Frank Ledwidge

Frank Ledwidge
9 March 2013