A hero — motorist saves two lives by purposely not running them down

The attitude of some road users is beyond believe! Here is a motorist praising himself for not killing two cyclists, or, as he calls them, “lycra bandits” and the great response that followed.

It is a pity that cycling activities are perceived by some as just ‘clogging the roads’. Akin to crap clogging the sink.

From the Manly Daily “conversation” pages recently.


Northern Rivers rail-trail campaign

I signed up to the campaign to create a rail-trail from Casino to Murwillumbah. A great initiative!
Who knows, if this becomes a reality we can catch the train to Casino and try it out!
Just go to bit.ly/1bBVz1r to add you signature.

Cycling tour of Tasmania


Roger Henderson, Bryan Power, Peter Wall and Frank Ledwidge recently completed an amazing cycling tour in Tasmania. To read all about it click >>here<< .


Narabeen track closed

It was tricky to get around the lake. Now it seems almost impossible.
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Give bikes a break – letter in the Manly Daily today

Go David go!

Bike touring site

I came across this great site which has an amazing amount of info about bike tours around the world – worth a look!


Turramurra to Lindfield and beyond with twist

What a ride! Two National Parks, University, a bush track crossing the Lane Cove River complete with a train trip in the middle.
This is the tour de force of north Sydney cycling, its what its all about and in only 37km of cycling. You can’t do better than that!

We start with an exhilarating descent from the Turramurra rail station on Kissing Point Road down to Browns Waterhole, under the M2, then through a scenic, secluded and very pretty Waterloo Park, pass the Macquarie University campus and its brand new hospital. From there we cunningly ride under De Burgs Bridge and then onto the full length of Riverside Drive through the Lane Cove National Park. Over the picturesque weir and shortly a steep climb to the Lindfield shops for a well-earned coffee break; keeping company with the best of the North Shore elite.

We now take a an 11km train ride to Asquith just north of Hornsby for a ride through the Kur-ring-gai Chase National Park and down to scenic, tranquil Bobbin Head, climbing out to North Turramurra shops where we have our lunch break. From there an easy cycle back to the start at Turramurra rail station.

There is 37km of cycling with two challenging hills, one up to Lindfield from the Lane Cove National Park and the other from Bobbin Head to North Turramurra. And an 11km train ride in between to recover. A perfect combination. Sydney at its best. Thanks go to Jim M for devising this ride.



(Click on top bar of this map for more map options and profile, cue sheet)

The bells, the bells

From the Manly Daily today all about bells. I like the way pedestrians claim they are ‘our’ paths, and they ‘regularly encounter’ cyclists at ‘high speeds’ and the paths are ‘purpose-built’ (whatever that means).

The other contributor does just not like cyclists. They ‘sneakily slide up behind’ unsuspecting pedestrians, ‘crash’ into them causing hip replacement operations costing $26,900! These ‘stealthy’ approaching cyclist never ring their bells of course. Not much stealth if you did! And the last sentence gives the game away when the writer claims cyclists are a ‘bane’ to ‘road users in general’. Lets face it: you just hate cyclists!

Looping Lake Illawarra

Last Tuesday an intrepid crew trialled a cicumference of lake Illawarra. Catching the train at Central a few minutes before 8am we arrived at Unanderra just before 10. We then cycled 16km or so to Albion Park down the Princess Highway, bicycles not being allowed on the adjacent freeway. The highway ride was, in the main, quite safe except for a few squeeze spots through towns where curbside parking is allowed.
From Albion Park we quickly gained the shoreline at the start of the shared path around the lake and rode around anti-clockwise, the surface and width of the path was quite adequate and the pedestrian use very low.

From Windang bridge

The views from the southern shore are quite spectacular, with the wide expanse of the lake being made available from the slightly elevated path and in the background towered the rocky escarpment that reaches back to Macquarie Pass, Robertson and eventually to Moss Vale.

The northern shoreline is reminiscent of the bike path on the north side of Lake Macquarie, being just a metre or so from the water and and exposed to any breezes from the south.

The total distance is a tad over 40km, and the time taken is just over two hours, the ride being basically flat with only some minor climbs away from the actual shoreline. To this time must be added any stoppages. Even so, there was tons of slack time to have a leisurely lunch and catch the return train at 1:15 from Unandarra.

For a more extensive map, cue sheet and elevation profile on Bikely click here.


This is from today’s Manly Daily. The only trouble I’ve had cycling on footpaths is from old guys with moustaches on those disability scooters. Just live and let live I say!

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