Keep away from car doors video

I’ve had a couple of close shaves lately with car doors opening unexpectedly. This short video is a rude reminder of the dangers that lurk on our streets.

Intrepid group returns from odyssey


A group including three ManMos members have recently returned from a tour in South Australia culminating in a visit to the the Flinders Ranges National Park. This report is provided by Frank Legwidge.

John Stapleton, Bob Chambers, Peter Wall and I went on a two-week cycling tour in South Australia. Taking our bikes and panniers with us we travelled overnight on the Indian Pacific Railway from Sydney to Peterborough which is north of Adelaide.
From there we cycled to Orroroo, then to Wilmington then to Port Augusta. We then took the Pitchi Ritchi Railway, a rail preservation business operated by volunteers which runs an old steam train between Port Augusta and Quorn. This sector is part of the old Ghan railway which used to run from Port Augusta to Alice Springs. From Quorn we cycled to Hawker and then to Wilpena in the Flinders Ranges National Park.
Wilpena Pound, a huge natural amphitheatre is one of the natural wonders of Australia. We hiked to lookouts overlooking the Pound, went on a 4WD guided tour of the Flinders Ranges National Park and took a scenic flight over the National Park.
Leaving Wilpena we cycled to Hawker, then to Cradock (population 7), then to Orroroo and finally to Peterborough.
On the last cycling day I used my iPhone to film the other three as we pedalled across the flat plains of South Australia. From Peterborough we travelled overnight on the Indian Pacific via Broken Hill back to Sydney.
We stayed at country pubs except for a couple of nights at the Wilpena Pound Resort. We enjoyed fine weather every day, cycled on sealed roads all the way and only had one puncture. It was a great tour!


Bike path planning process



In today’s Manly Daily was this contrubution regarding a proposed bike path in Cromer.  I hope this ‘ad hoc’ approach  is not indicative of the planning processes in the Warringah.


Manly-Warringah Cycling Club in Manly Daily

I did not know of the existence of such a club but a visit to their website ( seems to imply a serious competitive club with paceline events, West head road races and so on. Not your everyday ManMosBug!

Many pedestrian walkway violations.

A reader to the Manly Daily has complained about cyclists not doing the right thing on this walkway.
This is the short section near the Art Gallery near where we often have our coffee break. It is steep and curvy and has no shoulders. It has massive “Cyclist must dismount” signs at each end.
I used this walkway yesterday and I think this reader has a good point. It is tempting to ride it down but cylist should certainly walk it down this section as a high speed can build up, you cannot ride off the sides in case of potential incident. It is only about 50 metres long and takes 30 seconds to walk it. We can’t complain about impatient drivers if 30 seconds loss on a bike ride cannot be tolerated.

The pathway is on the top of the image below, but it does not show that it is quite steep. You can also see our coffee shop in the picture.

Mainly Daily highlights ride for conservation

Not your normal charity ride. This one by northern beaches cyclists, from Canberra to Sydney is to help save the Orang-Utan and other jungle species from extinction.
The link at the bottom of the piece is wrong. It should be
But this link is better; it gives you much more information

Manmos Superwomen!

(via Nikki B)

Today (Sunday 25 March) Liz R and Nikki B completed the 100km (well actually it was 110km) inaugural Bobbin Head Cycle Classic. It started at Karuah Oval in Turramurra, went down Bobbin Head, then along the highway to the Calga interchange and return via the same route.
It was a charity ride for Rotary, and was extremely well organised and run, with excellent Police presence – they even had the section from the old toll gates to Calga free of cars at various times to cater for the riders.

We had a great day and very pleased with our results.

Shelly Beach shared path

From the Manly Daily today 21 Feb.
Looks like poor Bob has been startled by a bike rider, or was it a jogger? No matter, Bob’s well thought-out solution; ban them both!

Love the photo, very overcrowded! Nary a pedestrian is sight, just one of those pesky joggers. Sorry Bob, you lose.
Note: Bikes may not use this path on weekends.

To Salt Pan Creek.

Again Ken has taken a batch of fine photos of our ramble to Riverwood yesterday. I’ve selected a few here. (Click on image to enlarge and on edge for next.) You can view the lot here.
On our way we used the new bridge over the Hawthorne Canal soon after morning tea. It is surprisingly wide and it saves a very tight and awkward 270° turn with a chance of a dunking using the old way. You can find out more about this bridge here.

Chatting on the train journey home, Frank told me some of the wartime history of Riverwood, known then as Herne Bay (or sometimes Hernia Bay) as this extract found on the internet explains.

…the suburb we know as Riverwood was home to the largest military hospital in Australia during the Second World War. …. that housed a total of 4,250 beds to accommodate patients and staff.

[After the war] the hospital barracks buildings passed to the New South Wales Housing Commission and were used to ease the post-war housing shortage. Many of the streets in Riverwood recall the past American presence, with names such as Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Michigan, Kentucky and Washington. The connection with the hospital is still maintained through the fact that a remaining hut from the hospital is used as the Riverwood Air League Squadron’s headquarters.

Map of the area of the area, it is where we rode yesterday. I recall the large bright white weatherboard building with an insignia on it, on our left as we entered the area. It might have been the Riverwood Air League Squadron’s headquarters mentioned above.

A few photos from the Waterfall to Bundeena ride yesterday

Just some reminders of the ride through the Royal National Park. (Click on image to enlarge.)

Peter, Frank, Colin, Bryan and Gil all reckon it was a fun ride!

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