Great ride Tues. 22nd Springwood to Parramatta via Windsor

Springwood is in the Blue Mountains, a small town some 70km west of Sydney and about 400 metres above sea level. This ride is really two rides. So the four of us, Jim, Colin, Steve and I, had an exhilarating 15km downhill dash from Springwood on the way to Richmond through fantastic bush countryside complete with the constant accompaniment of bell birds (properly called ‘bell miner’) and whipbirds cheering us along our way.
Then we started the flat, urban ride from Richmond to the very pretty Windsor on a wide shoulder alongside the massive RAAF airport runway that almost connects the towns of Richmond and Windsor.
From Windsor the start of the magnificent off-road cycle path that continues for the whole 30km to Parramatta.  A delight to ride on!  A fantastic resource, wide, flat and long.  Well done! It takes you to the huge Westmead Hospital precinct which is so very close to Parramatta Park. An easy ride around the park and from there to the rail station. A great meal, (steak, chips salad and soft drink for $12 — can’t beat that!) washed down with a beer was taken at the Ettamogah pub along the way just off the bike path at Rouse Hill.
We all converged onto Springwood in different ways. Jim and I started from Frenchs Forest at 7am and drove to Parramatta rail station to catch the 8:36 train to Springwood. We got back to Parramatta at about 3 pm, and made it back home just after 4. So it turned out a great day, especially as it was not hot but overcast, ideal for bike riding.

For me, all new, another universe out there, huge road systems everywhere, bus transit roads, massive commercial developments and new housing, all well worth while experiencing. We were lucky with the weather as well, overcast, no rain. Thank you Huey! — Gil

Missing link no more

This new facility is just west of Meadowbank Warf. It saves using Hope St and Atkins Rd to get to the foreshore and cross under (or over) Silverwater Bridge.
From the latest “Push On”

Government bicycling site for NSW

Thhis is probbaly old hat, but I stumbled up this great site set up by the NSW government. Below are details of the sections on the site. it looks very well done. As an example, you can download cycling maps provided by the local shire councils. The site link is in the blogroll on the left sidebar.

Manly Daily today (3 Nov.) and Cycling Central

From Michael McGrath in the letters column:

Good on you Michael!!

For those that aren’t familiar with it, Cycling Central is a caged off portion of the Whisler St car park in Manly. Access is gained by means of a swipe card which costs a $50 once only fee.

From the Manly Council:

You can leave your bicycle at Manly Council’s 24-hour, seven day a week under-cover ‘Cycle Central’ Bicycle Parking Station (pictured below) capable of accommodating 72 bikes on the ground floor of Manly Council’s multi-storey Whistler Street car park (behind Manly Library).

Cyclists can hire a swipe card to access the parking station 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The Whistler Street ‘Cycle Central’ Bicycle Parking Station, located conveniently on the ground level of the Whistler Street parking station, is designed to provide bike riders with a convenient location to store their bicycles within the Manly central business district only metres from the Manly Ferry Bus Interchange.

The ‘Cycle Central’ Bicycle Parking Station is well lit and subject to 24 hour, seven day a week video monitoring for an increased level of security and peace of mind, and being under cover it means you can park your bike out of the rain.

The station has been constructed by Council to encourage an increase in the uptake of cycling as a viable transport mode.

The initial fee structure applies:
• Access card fee $50 (one off fee and access card is non-transferable)
• Replacement card fee $40
• No ongoing fees
• Cancellation (Council will refund $30 following the return of your access card)

Council also provides free outdoor bicycle parking spaces elsewhere within the Manly central business district including an additional 20+ outdoor spaces provided at the Wharf.

Application forms are available from Council’s Website at or at Manly Council’s Customer Service Centre, 1 Belgrave Street, Manly during business hours.

From the Manly Daily today (18 Oct.)

A Scott Jeffery from Mona vale is cycling from London to Sydney. You can follow his journey here He has a blog on this site.

For the cyclist who has everthing!

Saw this bike indicator system at Jaycar. Consists of a belt with LEDs that flash for around the waist and a controller for the handlebar. Even has hazards!

New bridge over Deep Creek

From the Manly daily today 18 October. We saw it first! I like Tony’s picture better!

Don’t leave your bike at Manly unlocked, even for a few minutes

From the Manly Daily 14 Oct.

Ride On eMagazine — bike lock test

How best to get to work?

Car vs bike: wife vs husband
“She is a driver who thinks lycra-clad cyclists are hilarious; he is a rider who likes to get ahead at lights. They are in a race from Brighton to the city.”

Extract from rider stopped at lights:

(puff) I’m just going to get ahead of the traffic (puff) on this light, because when I’m startinging, because thats when I’m at my wobbliest, (puff) I just like to have a bit of free air to ensure (insert ‘puffs’ at random) that one, that they’ve seen me, and secondly, I’m actually in motion and less likely to get a wobble and come off.

Very wise! That’s why they have advance standing boxes for bikes at lights in many countries.

The Age, October 8, 2011

Why you should not ride to work!

A video in the SMH website on why you should ride to work. very funny!

Ride to work? Bah humbug

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