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Thanks to Vicki for the lead to this post from the Sydney Morning Herald, July 26. Gil

Gil in training for his attacks on rose gardens.



Norman Monshall writes in the Manly Daily

Norman Monshall used to be on the Manly Council cycling committee. I don’t know if he still is or if the committee still exists! Below is a letter to the MD.

Manly Daily Wednesday 27 July 2011

Southern Explorers

Salt Pan creek Crossing 2011-07-27

Six intrepid explorers (Steve D, Brian, Louisa, Colin, Steve W and Gil) braved the hazards of Anzac Bridge, Hawthorne Canal, Cooks River and the variegating vagaries of the M5 shared cycle path.
Successfuly navigating the boardwalk of the mangrove jungle we also tackled the bridge over the Creek, Salt Pan. You can see us in our moment of triumph!

Spit overpass

Here is a letter published in the Manly Daily today (23 July 2011) by our very own Michael McGrath.  The RTA are going to build a pedestrian footbridge at the cost of millions just to eliminate the pedestrian phase of the traffic lights that now exist at the base of Parriwi Road.  You can see the full plan and lot more about how this is going to effect cyclists here.

Spit footbridge is pure folly

CAN the RTA and the NSW
Treasurer, the Hon Mike
Baird, please explain why
hundreds of thousands of
dollars of taxpayers’ money is
being wasted on a footbridge
at the Spit?

This expensive folly will
benefit a handful of patrons
of the Spit restaurants and
yacht clubs, but will have no
effect whatsoever on the
gridlock along the Spit/
Military Road corridor.

Once built the public will
face ongoing costs for
maintenance, electricity for
the lifts and remediation of
the inevitable vandalism and
graffiti. Will the yacht clubs
and restaurants contribute?

Michael McGrath
Manly Vale

Manly Daily letter

The following appeared in the Manly Daily 21 July 2011. It is by Anthony Petrolo. See his youtube video promoting cycling as a Greens candidate.

The Melbourne Bike Share
program is another great idea.
however, its success has been
limited, partially due to
mandatory helmet laws in
Australia, (unlike most other
nations throughout the world
that never implemented such
legislation). If only bike
helmet laws in Australia were
amended, so that it was
mandatory for under-16s and
optional for others, or
repealed outright.
Some old-fashioned
bureaucrats would refer to
these suggestions about
repealing helmet laws as
being absurd. However, their
insistence to retain helmet
laws are constantly being
dismissed, and other nations
without. these laws continue
to succeed in their bicycle
sharing programs.
Sydney lags behind other
capital cities in successfully
managing traffic congestion.
Anthony Petrolo

Removal of the drop-out tabs

From Wikipedia:

Lawyer lips or lawyer tabs (a type of positive retention device) are tabs fitted to the fork ends on the front fork of bicycle to prevent a wheel from leaving the fork if the quick release skewer comes undone. They were introduced in response to lawsuits in cases where incorrectly adjusted quick release wheels came out of the forks. Lawyer tabs are designed to compensate for the fact that many riders do not know how to operate a quick release properly: some riders treat them as a folding wing nut, and others do not tighten them enough for fear of snapping them or shearing the skewer (both are not likely given the normal range of human strength, and the mechanical advantages involved, as long as the skewer is not damaged or flawed).
A side-effect is that the quick release, which was developed to allow the wheel to be removed without having to unscrew any components, no longer works as designed: the skewer must be unscrewed in order to remove the wheel (although tools do remain unnecessary). This means that the tension on refitting must be adjusted again. Some cyclists file off the lawyer tabs so the quick release works as originally intended.

Then this can happen.

Not good descending a hill at 50km/h!

Tuesday’s ride 19 July 2011

Westward Ho!

The Bureau promised heavy rain for the afternoon, thankfully for the ride to West Head it was a perfectly clear sunny day and the views, as nearly always, were fantastic. Seven of us had a great ride to West Head and then to Akuna Bay. Some cycled back to their cars while three of us continued on to Terrey Hills where we all met up for a convivial lunch. So thanks to Colin for organising the ride and we all ( Nikki, Liz, Anne, Murray, Brian, Colin and Gil) felt a ride well done!


Gil’s first post

This is a post just to check things out.   I could have posted something like a report on the ride from Wyong to  Brooklyn for example.
You can do the same. Please do! If you need help email me

Hello ManMosmians!

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