Who are we?

We are non-profit community based Bicycle User Group or BUG, loosely covering Mosman, Manly, Warringah and Pittwater local government areas. We welcome riders from all areas.

Our group is small and informal and consists of people who enjoy riding bikes in company mainly during the working week. For this reason many of our group are retirees, part retirees, part time or shift workers. The small size and intimacy of the group allows us to operate with no or minimal rules and bureaucracy. So far we manage with no fees.

Our principal aim is to provide an outlet for those who enjoy cycling to be able to access a wide range of cycling experiences.

BikeManMos is short for Manly-Warringah / Mosman Bicycle User Group Incorporated

What do we do?

Besides local rides around the suburbs and coastline, we often ride to scenic and unusual places away from our area. We enjoy being in company with like-minded riders who are keen to share the benefits of being a part of the outdoor environment accessible by bike riding. The average size of our rides would be around 10 riders, although we often have more and sometimes as few as two or three.

A typical ride would be around 40 km, but they vary from 25 to 80 km. Most rides involve some hills—this is Sydney! We usually start riding at 9.30 am from a park or shopping centre and stop for a coffee break at around one hour or so into the ride. We stop for a lunch break around 12.30 pm in the middle of the ride, lasting around one hour and we would then return to the start—usually by a different route. We normally get back to the start between 2 and 3 pm. Naturally, you are free to join or leave the ride at any point that suits you.

Is it for me?

We frequently use busy streets, so to ride with us you need to be comfortable riding in traffic. If you feel you need a bit more help and experience in coping with street traffic conditions such as intersections, roundabouts and so on, you may like to join a group such as Bike North to gain expertise and confidence before joining our rides.

A member will advise other members of a ride they like doing using our email group. Sometimes the notice is quite short! In this and many other ways we are more akin to mates out for a bike ride together than any formal club setting.

Riders are expected to have some familiarity with the route and take full responsibilty for ther own actions while riding. We carry phones for coordination and to keep in touch in case riders get ‘mislaid’ or need other help. We do look out for each other!

Happy cycling!